Friday, February 27, 2015


Wouldn't the whole thing be easier if "closing the loop" didn't involve sending the hitmen back to their younger selves?  You have a small army of assassins--just send Bruce Willis off to his younger self's Looper buddy.  No interfamilial (as it were) recognition, no one getting all sentimental about their mortality, business runs smoothly.  Bingo bango.

I hope my future self is listening.  (I am, buddy!)


The Tom Cruise sci-fi vehicle was different than what the eight foot tall posters billed it to be, but in a good way.

I can't help wondering, though...the first Tom Cruise clone we meet is Technician 49, who bumps into (with his fists, I mean) the second clone, Technician 52.  In theory, then, there are at least fifty other clones wandering the Earth, each pining for his lost love (in the form of Olga Kurylenko).  At some point in the future, do these 50 (or more!) descend on poor Olga, each hoping to re-consummate the interrupted marriage?

'Cause if so, Olga's paradise just got a bit hellish.

An Ex-Sherrif In Town

This staunch opponent of Obamacare (and a states' rights loonie) is apparently willing to risk death for his principles.  Good on him.  Wish there were more like him.