Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Get Yo Ass Under That Bus!

This would count as an update to...the Challenge.

GYAUTB is the working title of project number one. All I'll say is that so far it features samples of an explosion and the children's song "The Wheels On The Bus."

Just saying that makes me tingly all over.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Sir, I Believe You Dropped Your Gauntlet?

Or was it...thrown down?

A challenge has been issued. A colleague and I were sipping on the sugar water that is M.I.A.'s music when I came to a conclusion: the recipe for her songs is so simple--one cup of the watery substance that is Brit Pop; add two spoonfuls of sugary downbeat; stir together while nodding like a Parkinson's sufferer; enjoy! Certainly, he and I could whip up something of the same order with minimal effort?

So this is it: 3 M.I.A.-like songs in 4 weeks.

It's on, bitches! Or, as M.I.A. herself would say...um, something something biscuits, paper planes, something something hussel!

Yeah, I know. The world would be a more sensible, kitten-filled place if British people could speak English...

Check back for updates!

Obie Won!

This is a little after the fact, I admit, but HERE Arts Center, the theater that is my home away from home--and, sometimes (like this week), my just plain home--won an Obie this past Monday for Sustained Support of Artists and Creativity in the Theatre!

Appropriately enough, the reason I haven't written about it till now is I have been at the theater all week supporting our artists in a sustained manner.

Nice how that works out, huh?

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


...by which I mean to say "tired," but with a special emphasis on the unique nature of the sort of tired I'm currently enduring, which for whatever reason seems to warp the R-coloring into Monet territory.

It's true, that dude had some of the best R's evar. Just take a gander at his R-flowers.

Wow, this discussion of Impressionism really wore me out. I think I need me another 11 hour nap. See y'all in a bit...

Sunday, May 10, 2009

How's That Paradigm Shift Workin' Out For Ya?

This is about right for my workday today.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Into The Deep

Serenade? Oh, heavens no. At the Deep In Vein Central Control Console, we have something much more entertaining than that: "Syren"-ade! (It replenishes, much like Gatorade, but this particular libation is one you drink with your ears. Oh, and instead of electrolytes Syrenade adds Gals to your system, effectively increasing your--you guessed it!--heaviness. Rawk!)

Horns Out! 'Cause That's How She Rolls

Basically, with the addition today of Syren's excellent vocals we welcome to the world two tracks which very faithfully represent the sound of DIV's new, improved line-up. Head on over and give these newborns a slap on the ass. They practically slap you back.

I recommend listening to the tracks with headphones. 'Cause that way you can really savor the bass lines.


Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Old, Wrinkled Ninth Part Of Desire

Via Balloon Juice:
Supreme Court Justice David Souter’s planned retirement touches off a fierce fight between the parties that could reinvigorate moping Republicans.
Okay, if by "reinvigorate" you mean that the bloody-nosed, demoralized, 90-pound would-be bully will scrape himself off the cafeteria floor because he thinks the other guy's fists aren't tired enough yet...then, um, sure. Totally.

If, by "reinvigorate," you mean the fundamentally divided Republican house will manage to re-stack its 41 jokers into some semblance of a 4 1/2 bath, Kennebunkport summer home, before stumbling on the secret recipe for ten awesome, totally winnable special elections that end up lifting them miraculously beyond their current status as the official bird of Fox News, granting them an honest-to-god effect on the outcome of the impending SCOTUS battle...then I think you must have fallen in with that guy in my old neighborhood and isn't his stuff just the best?

Honestly, the most we liberals can hope for is someone who holds the line at least as much as Souter, if not a hair more. Besides, it's not like it was Scalia who lost at the game of musical chairs while the Weather Underground was spinning giddily in the Oval Office's leather Aeron.

Everyone calm the eff down.