Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Old, Wrinkled Ninth Part Of Desire

Via Balloon Juice:
Supreme Court Justice David Souter’s planned retirement touches off a fierce fight between the parties that could reinvigorate moping Republicans.
Okay, if by "reinvigorate" you mean that the bloody-nosed, demoralized, 90-pound would-be bully will scrape himself off the cafeteria floor because he thinks the other guy's fists aren't tired enough yet...then, um, sure. Totally.

If, by "reinvigorate," you mean the fundamentally divided Republican house will manage to re-stack its 41 jokers into some semblance of a 4 1/2 bath, Kennebunkport summer home, before stumbling on the secret recipe for ten awesome, totally winnable special elections that end up lifting them miraculously beyond their current status as the official bird of Fox News, granting them an honest-to-god effect on the outcome of the impending SCOTUS battle...then I think you must have fallen in with that guy in my old neighborhood and isn't his stuff just the best?

Honestly, the most we liberals can hope for is someone who holds the line at least as much as Souter, if not a hair more. Besides, it's not like it was Scalia who lost at the game of musical chairs while the Weather Underground was spinning giddily in the Oval Office's leather Aeron.

Everyone calm the eff down.

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