Saturday, May 23, 2009

Sir, I Believe You Dropped Your Gauntlet?

Or was it...thrown down?

A challenge has been issued. A colleague and I were sipping on the sugar water that is M.I.A.'s music when I came to a conclusion: the recipe for her songs is so simple--one cup of the watery substance that is Brit Pop; add two spoonfuls of sugary downbeat; stir together while nodding like a Parkinson's sufferer; enjoy! Certainly, he and I could whip up something of the same order with minimal effort?

So this is it: 3 M.I.A.-like songs in 4 weeks.

It's on, bitches! Or, as M.I.A. herself would, something something biscuits, paper planes, something something hussel!

Yeah, I know. The world would be a more sensible, kitten-filled place if British people could speak English...

Check back for updates!

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