Saturday, May 9, 2009

Into The Deep

Serenade? Oh, heavens no. At the Deep In Vein Central Control Console, we have something much more entertaining than that: "Syren"-ade! (It replenishes, much like Gatorade, but this particular libation is one you drink with your ears. Oh, and instead of electrolytes Syrenade adds Gals to your system, effectively increasing your--you guessed it!--heaviness. Rawk!)

Horns Out! 'Cause That's How She Rolls

Basically, with the addition today of Syren's excellent vocals we welcome to the world two tracks which very faithfully represent the sound of DIV's new, improved line-up. Head on over and give these newborns a slap on the ass. They practically slap you back.

I recommend listening to the tracks with headphones. 'Cause that way you can really savor the bass lines.


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