Thursday, October 28, 2010


Or an epic poster for their bathroom, hung opposite the toilet, so they can contemplate their sins...

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Unbeleever Kat Cannot Eet Yer Soul Cuz You No Haz Won

This is awesome:

It makes me want to write a sequel to the brilliant Grandma's Dead: Breaking Bad News With Baby Animals, something like God Is Dead: From The Mouths of (Cute Animal) Babes.


Friday, October 22, 2010

Deep In Vein: The Re-In-Veining

Okay, so I feel I've been successful enough in revamping my relationship to this blog that I can go ahead and indulge in a little self-promotion (gasp) without backsliding into the intellectually timid habits of yore.

(clears throat, puffs out chest)

Deep In Vein has a gig this Friday the 29th at the Acheron, in Brooklyn. 8pm, $8 at the door. We're playing alongside some pretty badass folk: the Communion; Flourishing; and headlined by Clinging to the Trees of a Forest Fire. It's gonna be loud and it's probably gonna be fast. Except for us. We're loud and drone-y, all the way. It's good to be different.

All the deets are on the DIV web site, under Upcoming Shows. So...yeah.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Muppets Assemble!

My wife loves the Muppets; I love the Avengers. And, as a child resembles a blend of its parents, it clearly follows that this awesome sketch by Caanan Gall is an attempt to imagine what the fruit of our joined loves will yield. Behold:
A Koster-Hurt family portrait.

How did this Caanan person know?

Monday, October 18, 2010

Gimme A Bloody Mary, Mary!

If what this man says is true, that gays are just like alcoholics, then that would explain a lot about why gays are so fabulous and why they never lack for social, um, lubrication.

It's the dopamine, sweety!

And can you imagine how much beer money I would save a year if I just chose to prefer cock? Well whatevs, I'd end up blowing the extra cash on Abercrombie&Fitch tank tops and old van Damme movie rentals in the end anyway.

("Blowing" "van Damme" "in the end"? Oh heavens to Betsy, the transformation's already started....)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Cart Before The Horse's Ass

I was reading this bit of ridiculousness--wherein the Washington Post hosts a livechat with the not-imitated-enough Dan Savage to discuss the recent spate of gay teen suicides...and then "balances" that with a response by the not-overlooked-enough Tony Perkins (whom I would call a douchebag except Christianists tend to vehemently oppose even the most backwards methods of female reproductive health)--when a particular statement by Mr. Perkins jumped out at me:
"Homosexuals experience higher rates of mental health problems in general, including depression."
Is it too much human empathy to ask of dear Tony to imagine that if, during his formative years, he were told by everyone around him that his sexual orientation was an abomination and an embarrassment and he was even occasionally beaten because of it that he might not be prone to a higher rate of mental health problems, especially fucking depression?

These people literally cannot get shit more backwards.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Random! Random! Read All About It!

Since the theme of the day does appear to be a random firing of neurons based on the stream of my google reader, I will admit that I have long had a soft spot for the gaudy verbal stylings of Wonkette.

I mean, c'mon, any piece of writing that includes this sentence--"Not in this Country, and not under our Dual Jurisdiction of the Declaration of Independence, Social Security, and the Bible."--and ends with a reference to Circuit City, such a piece of prose is like costume jewelry on the long arm of Liberty.

Wonkette : Stephen Colbert, if drinking had ruined his dignified diction...

Inferior Stars

Okay, I thought they shot people on the L.A. Freeway for less than this.

Have standards on the west coast fallen so far? Or did the same luck that bought these Jersey Shore clones a tour bus on which to paint their sad imitations of sapienship also spare them a hail of righteous lead?

Their continued existence is either a case for the existence of fortune or one against the existence of an Almighty.

Either way, given their continued existence, no one wins...

Random Thought: A Way Of Seeing

Just knocked out a bit of light design over at Dixon Place (re-teching, with great pleasure, Kim Katzberg's Penetrating the Space), and thinking ahead to lighting Caborca's two plays coming up at CSV in November, and I had the sudden, very strong (very random) desire to know what the great John Berger would say about modern light design for theater.

I also have no idea how to find out if he has, in fact, already commented. Cause, I mean, how do you google his level of profundity?

Saturday, October 2, 2010


If you've ever wondered what it sounds like to remove someone's vagina, or what the most awesome eleven words in the English language are, you have to go read this.

In Extremis II

I'm not alone...

Friday, October 1, 2010

In Extremis

Kos says the Dems are drowning because they weren't progressive enough. Brendan Nyhan says it's a myth that parties benefit from veering to their respective extremes (left, in the case of the Dems), and that, rather, the Donks are drowning because the economy is weak.

Now, it may be true, as many point out and the teabaggers prove, that pols using red meat (i.e., veering to the extreme) to fire up the base tends to alienate undecideds and so imperil that party's electoral prospects. But I'm just gonna poke my little mouse head up and squeek that the economy remains weak precisely because the buh-Donk-uh-Donks have not pursued a progressive monetary policy. As Atrios continuously points out: we're ruled by people who think 10% unemployment isn't a crisis. That's not level-headed centrism, as I gather Nyhan would think. That's Hoover-ism.

I restate my fervent wish that there was a viable third choice in this country. We have the Party of No and the Party of Not Yet. The party of bullies and the party of co-dependents and sycophants.

Nyhan is right about the symptoms, but Kos is right about the cause. Kos is right because progressivism isn't running to the left, it's running to the true center of this country. And if Dems ever get that through their cowardly skulls we'll see a blossoming of the wise left the likes of which followed WWII.

Commence holding of breath in 3...2...1...


This article on military sightings of extraterrestrials reminds me of a friend's father who used to tell stories of his stint as a comm man in the Army (I think).

This was Vietnam-era, and if memory serves he was stationed, or for some reason, operating in Morocco. (I remember that clearly because my ten-year-old brain loved chewing on that wonderful word. Mooorrrr-rooocckkk-coooeee. Yup, still tasty.)

Now, this dad was a rather conservative guy--Republican, non-church going but still Catholic, small business owner, etc.--qualities I associate with a more traditional view of the limits of our world (rightly or wrongly). So it was especially interesting to me when, on occasion, he would talk about his time in Morocco, and how he and his fellow soldiers would watch oddly shaped ships dance in the sky and then disappear. He believed without question that the crafts weren't human--they would change colors and alter course at impossible angles and at great speed--an opinion bolstered by the wealth of time he and his mates were given to study them. He said it happened so often while he was there that the guys more or less viewed the spectacle the way we watch late night TV.

Anyway, there are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, and all that....