Friday, October 1, 2010


This article on military sightings of extraterrestrials reminds me of a friend's father who used to tell stories of his stint as a comm man in the Army (I think).

This was Vietnam-era, and if memory serves he was stationed, or for some reason, operating in Morocco. (I remember that clearly because my ten-year-old brain loved chewing on that wonderful word. Mooorrrr-rooocckkk-coooeee. Yup, still tasty.)

Now, this dad was a rather conservative guy--Republican, non-church going but still Catholic, small business owner, etc.--qualities I associate with a more traditional view of the limits of our world (rightly or wrongly). So it was especially interesting to me when, on occasion, he would talk about his time in Morocco, and how he and his fellow soldiers would watch oddly shaped ships dance in the sky and then disappear. He believed without question that the crafts weren't human--they would change colors and alter course at impossible angles and at great speed--an opinion bolstered by the wealth of time he and his mates were given to study them. He said it happened so often while he was there that the guys more or less viewed the spectacle the way we watch late night TV.

Anyway, there are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, and all that....

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