Monday, September 29, 2008

It Begins...

So, as far as I can figure it, the whim under which I visited Blogspot yesterday and whipped this little thing up was born of a desire to undo what has felt like an epic, years-long case of creative block. An attempt to roll a boulder out of my path, in some way. But, instead of an empty cave where a few confused Hebrews were treated to the final sha-bang of a thirty-three-year magic act, I'm hoping to find something, er, substantive.

The pursuit should be interesting, considering that my most successful poetry (by which I mean those short, haphazard groupings of metaphors people I didn't know and therefore couldn't bribe actually saw fit to publish), and most of my better dramatic writings, are concerned almost solely (and ironically) with the feeling that I have nothing to say. Actually, nothing, said well, might best describe my MO.

Now, clearly, things occur to me over the course of the day. Ideas, observations, puns, riffs, meanderings. Often, they're silly. Sometimes, they're not. I guess I'm hoping that if I etch my ideas and experiences into a solid medium--to those who just cocked their head I note that the interwebs never forget--then I'll force myself to acknowledge that I actually have a considered take on my own life.

Here's hoping anyway. Let the games begin...

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