Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Push The Plunger Deeper! (Updated)

Deeper...In Vein, that is!

That's right. The heavy rides again on, really well constructed conveyance...which can support the burden of all the heavy, um, heaviness. Rawk!

March 21st. Deets to be announced. Bring your struts, i-beams, prestressed concrete girders: whatever you need to use to bear the weight.


For those looking for the option that best suits them, such helpful hardware can be found here.

They don't call it rock 'n radial roller bearings for nothin'.

buh-dum-bum-B power chord

The face of Deep In Vein. The breasts probably
won't be making an appearance.

Update: The gravitational collapse is scheduled to happen at Port 41, midnight. Considering that the gig's in Hell's Kitchen, I think we've moved into hot and heavy territory.

buh-dum-bum-sternum rupturing bass tone

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