Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Bends

"Sine." A derivative of the Latin word for a curve. Latin, hm.... Hey, didn't the people who spoke Latin and once ruled 1/4 of the known world just end up being Italian?

Yep! And, much like that, the curvy passages which I normally use for breathing--called, yes, sinuses--have become...diminished, let us say. So, what happens when curves go bad?

Etymology, meet solid rock.

See the curve in the road in the above image? My sinuses. The bus? My head. I'm sure the cameraman just missed snapping a shot of the fireball and the faith-destroying image of the plucky band of puppies and ice cream cones being consumed by the inferno.

He did happen to have some Kleenex in his camera case though, so I forgive him. (Sniffle.)

I'll be back once the wreckage is cleared.

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