Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tuesday Night Clogging

Cat weblogging. Catblogging. ...Clogging!

Pet blogging (plogging?) is standard practice among several of my favorite internuts. It is not that I've resisted the call to inject my felines into the national debate, it just never occurred to me that their images could be helpful in the pursuit of peace and understanding between the peoples of the world.

And they most certainly are not. But I finally realized I can force their damp little shnozzles on the nations of the earth anyway.


Oscar! He's blurry because he's in motion. Where's he moving, you ask? Why...

Right here! Aiiieeee!

Hm...I really don't recall mail-ordering for an Eliza.
I don't have that strong a sadomasochistic streak.

And besides, isn't there a law against sending explosive
substances through the postal system?

True to form, Eliza exploded the final helping of salmon my love prepared for a dinner party all over the kitchen floor by nudging the baking dish from its resting place on the stove. I really shouldn't have signed for that package...

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