Saturday, October 17, 2009

How To Reappear Incompletely

A confluence of events, both professional and personal, means I will probably be updating this site even less often than usual. As in, I probably won't have anything new for you, my devoted 4-6 followers (which count, based on the inaccuracy of web tracking, may also include myself--hi, me!), until after I have mounted a five act, two theater beast of a show, and officially said goodbye to my life as a single man. The latter I'm looking forward to. The former? Not so much.

This is not goodbye. This is the promise of, um, a belated "nice to see you again." Or as those thieving bastards--also known as Led Zeppelin--put it: I can't quit you, babe, but I gotta put you down for a while.

I will be back--I promise, promise, promise--with more inanities expressed with the highest syllable count possible, most likely by the third week or so in November.

And yes, you can consider that a threat...

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