Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Season In Review

A lot has happened in the past couple months. I won an Obie. I gave it back. 'Cause really, when you get past the funny sounding syllables, what's an Obie nowadays other than some funny sounding syllables? Not that I don't appreciate the premiere artistic award from the premiere forum for Asian alt-sex enthusiasts.

Me giving back the Obie, forcefully. No really, the Village Voice web site
has its own Wii (c) Thai Ladyboy
"Return Merits" game where you can beat
an Asian alt-sex worker to death with an official V-Voice Obie-shaped dildo.

Also, I passed health care reform. Don't blame me if Max Baucus and Olympia Snowe collapse drunkenly into each others' arms on your lawn. This is what happens when you insist on bi-partisanship.

Speaking of collapses, we had the stock market, the housing bubble, Fannie and Freddie, my pants, and the Giants. They're all my fault. I'm sorry. I have a hard time telling who might benefit from a hard alcohol calmative and who could make do with a cocaine pick-me-up. My pants, for instance: clearly, a pick-me-up.

Finally: mawage. I did it. She did it. We did it together. Quit thinking like that. Actually, go ahead and think like that, cause I think I know of a proper outlet...

More finally, X-Mas:
She's smiling because she just won an Obie. Then she lost it when she repeated the word "obie" back to the committee and they realized how silly sounding their "award" really is. Then she got it back again for distributing Asian alt-porn to passers-by.

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