Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Back Into The Vein

Well, we did it. Two gigs in three days. It was a lot like shock treatment: thrash around uncontrollably until mental balance is restored.

Mr. Beery's is a great joint, though we had a hard time doing it justice. We had a nice crowd who were up for almost anything: the great John Wilkes Booth opened, followed by Thought and Memory, two bands with very different approaches to harder music, and both were lauded warmly.

Unfortunately, the set-up was very strange. Finding space to position a full kit and the amps and pedals for a five piece was plainly impossible, and in the end none of us was able to hear much besides the drums. Which...hampered things.

The gig at Lit Lounge had none of these problems, though. It was glorious. If Mr. Beery's was our being tossed back into the cold waters of performing live, then Lit was us finally fucking swimming again. We had a much better considered set-up and, even though Syren was sick, we all settled in and got the job done, and the crowd seemed to get that.

Which is why we all look relaxed here:

But I will give the final word to one fan in particular, whose sentiment is an instructive coda:

The god, I see the light...

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