Monday, September 6, 2010

Homocentrism Tastes Funny

...At least, in a different way than the title might lead you to think.

I'm watching a murder mystery where the killer(s) find inspiration for their crimes in the works of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, as told by the Bible's crazy uncle, John.

I'm also watching my cats wrestle with each other in what appears to be a serious contest of wills.

And I think to myself, "a book written almost two thousand years ago that predicts the end of life for every species on the entire planet has only humans to talk about." Then I watch my cats fight some more, and remark that the intensity of that relationship--the reason they pay attention to each other the way they do--is because their genes are so close, and I think about how dogs do the same thing, and how barnacles on a fucking dock do the same thing, and in the face of that I'm forced to look at the movie about the Apocalypse and think...

"Yeah, the world's very existence depends on an invisible being that governs all life but is undoubtedly predisposed towards operating like a primitive human from basically the same time period as the original text was written. Totes. Fer sher. LOL"

Okay, back to the so far not terrible movie....


Update: It was terrible.

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