Thursday, December 16, 2010

Out Of The Deep

So, as of last night, my involvement with Deep In Vein has officially come to a close. It was an amicable split; we simply ended up having different ideas of where to take the band.

The downside is that the instrumentals were strong, and were founded on what I consider a very satisfying musical philosophy. I'll miss playing them at unconscionable decibels. The upside is that my main focus has only ever been blues-based rock guitar. I joined Deep In Vein as a bassist because at the time nobody was looking for a lead guitarist (when are they ever?) and I wanted to keep my performing muscles exercised. (That's what he said.) I stuck around because I dug the music.

Lately though, I've been working with another project, a more straight-ahead, hard rock kinda band that I've been writing material and playing honest-to-god lead guitar for. So in a cosmic way, this seems like a fitting time to transition fully into what I was hoping to do in the first place. 'Cause, ya know, the cosmos cares about shit like that. Ahem.

So I wish the peeps in whatever becomes of Deep in Vein the best of luck.

...And I look forward to the reunion tour!

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