Monday, June 8, 2009

I See The Light(s) -- Updated!

I am officially coming up for air after close to three solid weeks of summoning light from darkness. It's not easy; God only said it was.

What can I say? He has an image to protect.

And now apparently, I do too. The relevant part:
Similarly terrific is the immersive design work, which is so of a piece that it's hard to find the seams between sound (James Sugg), "music machines" (Sean Mattio), machine design (Steven and Billy Blaise Dufala), scenic design (Hiroshi Iwasaki), lighting design (James Clotfelter), and house lighting design (Marlon Hurt).
Aroint thee, cherry of my critical mention as a designer! Begone, I say!

The house lights he mentions are ones I devised and constructed (with some help) and include such delights as the body of a leaf blower, a hard hat, an upside down picnic cooler, a space heater, and a small area fan--just to name some of many--in each of which I found a suitable place to wire a 40 watt incandescent. None of which, so far, has shorted and rained fiery plastic down on the audience gathered below.

It occurs to me that maybe the reviewer was using this mention to thank me in his own way for another evening at the theater spent un-napalmed.

Mr. Perlman, sir, you are welcome.


UPDATE: After 9/11, I went searching for voices to help explain to me just what the hell happened. One of those voices was an anonymous blogger based in Philly named Atrios. Almost eight years later, he's one of the biggest voices in the left blogosphere and apparently a fan of the show.

This is equivalent to watching "Good Morning, America" for nearly a decade, only to wake up one morning and find the anchors waving at you through the TV. Awesome!

UPDATE II: I realized that I never quite explained myself. I was actually the Master Electrician on this show, which is a glorified way of saying "the guy who makes sure everything turns on." After all the collective time and effort spent making sure that Mr. Clotfelter's lights look awesomely trashy (or trashily awesome; this show would welcome either), the idea of the house lights as their own entity was just an amusing afterthought.

Apparently, people appreciated my afterthinking. Cool.

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