Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Slide Show!

All right, gather 'round my little kiddies. By...um, regular demand, I have finally documented the critically acclaimed house lights I built for "Machines x7" (now playing at HERE Arts Center, check ovationtix.com for ticketing inform...). Behold! The electrical fires that could have been!

Leaf blower, prairie-doggin' a 40w! Yeah, I said it.

Caution sign. I actually wanted to use this in its standard upside down 'V' shape, but the other half was assimilated into the Borg...er, I mean, the set, so I made do with the one.

Picnic cooler. For those light lunches. Buh-dum!

Milk crate. Yup.

Small fan. Getting the motor out of this was actually quite the bitch. In the end, a not-at-all-frustrated lob down an 18-step flight of stairs did the trick. (Electrician's note: this method works on almost every household appliance.)

Hard hat. I was very pleased with this one since the shell actually gives off quite a bit of yellow light.

Space heater. What I like most about this one is that I was able to use the metal lining as a reflector for the two bulbs. This was also the trickiest piece because we use the heater during the winter months, which meant I couldn't just deconstruct it (i.e., no trip down the stairwell). So, this is still a functioning space heater, to be put back into service soon after it comes out of the air.

M&M dispenser: but more like if it had been made in China; i.e., a possible fire hazard, but for children most of all. What can I say? I love my job.

Printer. After so many battles with this thing's ill-tempered brethren, I admit I took a certain sadistic satisfaction in driving in the two drywall screws holding the socket to it.

And finally, the umbrella.

I present the above last, because the lesson I want to leave you with is that 18 gauge zip cord powering basic type-A sockets with only a sliver of electrical tape between live current and the open air is the perfect way to stay warm and dry in a downpour, while adding only pennies to your monthly utilities bill.

On the upside, in a lightning storm this thing powers itself.

Go on, give 'er a try!

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