Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Deep In Vein: Here

O Devoted Readers, I have obviously let this blog slip. It's not that over the last couple months I've had fewer condescending thoughts about Sarah Palin, or the Republican party, or tall people's feet. Far from it.

Mostly, I just didn't have time to write about anything more than the occasional announcement about events which, let's face it, I could more easily communicate to the 10 people who read this blog through other forums. (Facebook, sure, but I think my text messaging reached more people too, actually.)

This pattern isn't about to change, mind you.

On June 21st and 22nd, Deep In Vein is set to release "Mantra," our new, full-length album, and oh we're gonna do it in style!

We'll be performing both nights at HERE Arts Center, in their glorious main stage theater, with a full light design my yours truly, and a kick-ass video design by Blue Man Group designer, and "don't-choke-a-bitch" sage, Matt Tennie. Also: the sound. The sound system in this place will shake you like a baby. This is gonna be the kind of theatrical event most NYC bands really only dream of.

Do come by...

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nyrdyv said...

Wish I was still living in NY to be able to attend. Keep up the blogging, it will become habit and be well worth the effort in time.


Steven G. Willis