Thursday, November 13, 2008

Who Wants A Piece O' Me? (Updated)

So it seems my social calendar has gotten somewhat crowded of late, and very suddenly at that.

Meet Deep In Vein. I think I just became their new bassist.

On Sunday afternoon, I may or may not discover whether I will have a new rhythm section on whom to inflict my best Clapton impression.

That same evening, I will get to sit with a friend-turned-novelist and discuss his latest opus over what will undoubtedly be several pints of fine bitters.

And tonight, I have a chance at victory on the international field of battle in place of an injured friend.

Of course last, and certainly best: she's there at the end of each of all of them.

I win.


Update: Lost the first game, won the second (the team's first win of the season, no less). Scored one goal, had at least two assists. Not bad, all told. Though today my lower half feels like it's being herky-jerkied by an apprentice puppeteer. Ow.

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