Saturday, November 22, 2008

Radio Silence

Apologies. I've been too damn sleepy to pick up the microphone these last few days.

For the few moments that I have my finger on the on-button:

Had a second go-round with Deep In Vein. Went well. I seem to be successfully passing myself off as a bassist, despite the fact that I lack a significant low end in real life.

The rhythm section I had hopes for officially fizzled with the arrival of a "dear john" style send-off in my email in-box. It's not a catastrophe; they were good but the surly attitude gave me acid flashbacks of the last group I worked with. Now I go crawling back to Craig and his list. Sigh...

Played another soccer game yesterday. The arctic temperature combined with insufficient warm-up time--combined with my general idiocy about balancing the two--made my left quad go "sproing!" So, no assists, no goals. Fittingly, we ended up at a bar called Antarctica afterward.

Ok, nap time...again. Marlon out.

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