Wednesday, February 25, 2009

From 'Bama To Loo-sianna

I watched the President's speech last night and thought it good, though it did creep me out a bit to see our elected officials jumping out of their seats to applaud every other minute like pre-teens at an 'N Sync concert...or whatever expertly coiffed, Disney-built eunuchs the kids are agog over these days. (I'm looking at you, Pelosi.)

I did not watch the Republican response, though I hear the strategy was clever: show the American people what Obama would look like if he had been born a red-blooded, patriotic conservative and, through the stark contrast, leave the President's failings open for all to see.

The problem, apparently, is that a conservative Obama is half Fred Armisen and half sophomore debate club go-getter unaware that the Armisen half is mocking him.

The Poor Man Institute (founded to document and dissect just this kind of issue) has released a paper on the topic so that I don't have to pull myself further away from the warm sun, golden sands, and flowing margaritas that constitute every day off for me from my work in the New York theater world.

Senorita, una más, por favor.


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