Saturday, February 21, 2009

One Across

"Mute Glute"

7 letters.

I know when my name is called from the Great Book Of Life that I'm going to owe an apology for this, but I can't help it; it made me laugh out loud when it occurred to me walking down Sixth Ave.

Besides, it's just too cheeky to keep to myself.

Giggle, snort.


Whoever leaves the correct answer to this little puzzle in the comments section will win, um, something nice. TBD.


Marlon said...

Ok, just so when I come across this post a year from now and there are still no comments because I still only have a single reader--and she probably solely because she has to live with me--I will reveal:


Oh yeah, I'm gonna pay for that one at some point...

Anonymous said...

It's a dumb bum!
Whadda I win?

BTW, it's Matt. So, you'll have to cough it up next practice.