Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Bedbugging Out

I don't see movies very often. When I have, I've usually gone to the AMC in Times Sq. I thought it only played host to some annoyingly loud patrons but,'s a little worse than that.

When my brother and I lived in Harlem, we had to deal with our own bedbug infestation. (A tip: you can't kill them with a bug bomb, it only drives them into surrounding apartments. Thanks, friendly neighbors!) We couldn't sit on the couch; we had to wrap our mattresses in plastic to keep the wee beasts contained while we slept. And still the crafty little fuckers would find a way. (My brother finally took to sleeping in his chair, and even then he would wake up with bites that mirrored the chair's creases. Yeah, gross.)

Almost makes one long for the glory days of DDT. I mean, what's a little diabetes and breast cancer in the face of a good night's sleep?


P.S. I know it's because the city's citizenry lean heavily blue, but I think it's funny that Democrats are 10% more likely to suffer infestation than Republicans. What can I say, the awful little bloodsuckers can sense a handout...

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