Thursday, August 5, 2010

History? What Story?

I find the figure 8 of stupid floating around the gay marriage ruling right now infinitely amusing. (C'mon, Prop 8--"figure 8 of stupid"--"infinitely" [the symbol 8, eh?], and I crammed all of that into a single sentence. I am so back in form.)

Okay, ready? Have your pain pills handy? Let's do it:

We have the 14th Amendment, one of the Republican Party's greatest achievements, passed to bring an end to the Dred Scott era and the idea that black people could never enjoy the rights of citizenship in this country. Fast forward--70% of black Californians who voted, voted "yes" on Prop 8, effectively relegating a minority of our population to second class citizenship. Yesterday, this ballot proposition was struck down on the grounds that it violated, you betcha!, the 14th Amendment, based on its Equal Protection Clause, the part of the amendment that enshrined citizenship for former slaves (ya know, black people) in the Constitution...which is (oh man, is this genius) the part of the amendment Republicans want to "revisit" as part of their Latino outreach progra...oh, sorry, as part of their election year war against illegal immigrants plopping brown fetuses on our soil and calling them Amurrcan.


But hey, none of this counts since Judge Walker is teh gay.

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