Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Having come to my political awareness during the early years of George W's first term, and watched the destruction he reaped thereafter, I have to say I kinda disagree with this idea that the president should always be "politicking."

I think Obama simply expressed his point a little more crudely than necessary. It's true that politics and government are inseparable. However, what the President seems to be saying to me is that he's now shifting his focus for the next three months to campaigning. "Campaigning" also seems to be how brooklynbadboy understands Obama's use of the word "politicking."

So, taking that common rhetorical ground, I just want to point out that all Bush did for his eight years was campaign and the results were disastrous. The neocon crew of ne'er-do-wells had no interest in the act or purpose of governing, they only cared about winning. It's all they understood. (It obviously doesn't help that their entire philosophy revolved around the uselessness of government. Kinda hard to run an organization effectively when you are fundamentally inimical to its purpose.)

Now, having seen what the alternative looked like during the Bush years, I, for one, am willing to give the President a little leeway on this point. Even though I disagree with some of the things he's done the last twenty months--well, mostly I'm disappointed by what he hasn't done (cough, Gitmo, DADT, Iraq, cough)--I happily concede that he has been spending his considerable energies actually governing.

That said, ya know, three months is a long time, Sir; please don't abandon the helm entirely. 'Cause, ahem, sometimes good government is the best kind of campaigning.

Jes' saying....

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