Thursday, August 5, 2010


So the judge who ruled that Prop 8 is unconstitutional is, we're being told, teh gay. And because he is teh gay, we're being told he should have recused himself from a case covering the legality of gay marriage.

Which just makes me wonder, does he have a long term partner whom he is otherwise not allowed to marry? Cause that would be a conflict of interest that might require recusal. Or is this a case of a single, 66-year-old friend of Mary simply announcing his desire for marital bliss, like some lonely bridesmaid?

But more seriously, where does one draw the line? Should a black judge recuse himself from a discrimination case? Should a female judge be allowed to preside over anything involving the glass ceiling?

Or, if Judge Walker is in fact teh gay, is this a basic reminder that members of the oppressed classes, when given the authority (see: Marshall, Thurgood), will act on behalf of justice in a way that the complacent majority would never find the energy for?


Nah, I'm going with the "lonely bridesmaid"....


Postscript: And just imagine how supportive Prop H8ters would have been of Judge Walker's teh gayness if he'd upheld the initiative!

At least I was spared my side rolling out the Uncle Tom references. Small blessings....

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