Sunday, August 15, 2010


Having just watched the episode of South Park in question, I'm a little confused as to the judgment call that it was a "hatchet job" on the Mormon religion. (You know, the one with the gold plates no one saw and the apparently Sicilian angel Moroni explaining how the Native Americans are actually ancient Jews...yeah, that one.)

Now, I'm not what most churchgoers would call "irrational, unquestioned belief" friendly, but I thought Matt and Trey handled the issue as gently as mass media entertainment requires. I mean hell, they even let the little Mormon kid Gary have the last words, which--if Mitt Romney has his way--prophetically were "suck my balls." What more could any believer in God As Really Wise Alien Man ask for?

By the way, Matt and Trey's best joke may just be the other religious people laughing at this send-up of those silly Mormons. How could they ever believe such weird stuff? Tsk....


Update: I mean, compare their treatment of Mormonism to the spiked gloves they use to handle Scientology. Brutal.

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