Thursday, July 23, 2009

Against The Wall

Recently, my and my love's digital camera pulled a disappearing act. Knowing such items are more likely to throw themselves back into the light once you've spent a sufficiently ridiculous amount of money replacing them, we went ahead and bought another camera.

The punchline being that the old camera is still in whichever void it decided to descend.

Refusing to let the new camera get the best of me, I took the opportunity of an otherwise ill-timed expenditure to photograph a few of my older pieces so I could finally throw them into that other void, the interwebs. (Wait, is our camera around here somewhere...?)

I'll start with the living room:

Glass and spray paint

And its negative:

Self-Portrait (2)
Glass and spray paint
backed with black paper

Boy With Book
Polycarbonate, ink, paint

And finally, two portraits from the bedroom:

Ink on paper

Ink on paper

Now that I've not only used the other camera but posted its efforts to the web for all the world to see, perhaps the prodigal will be moved by jealousy to return.



1 comment:

Diana Ho said...

nice work. i especially love the boy with book one. and i'm pretty sure i've used that same boy reading photo as reference before. =P