Monday, July 20, 2009

Yippie! (Updated)

This Wednesday, the 22nd, Deep In Vein is headlining the Yippie Museum Cafe lineup!

This means an extra long set--eight songs total--for extra deepness. But which vein will we hit this time? Will it be pulmonary? Systemic? To find out, you'll have to drop on by!

We hit the stage somewhere around 10pm.

Let's do this thing.

DIV Maiden courtesy A. Andrew Gonzalez

Apr├Ęs La Mort: We finished out an evening headed up by two acoustic groups, so the transition was...interesting, to put it mildly. However, Yippie has both an upstairs and a downstairs performing space. The acoustic guys were upstairs, and we chose down. So, for the audience who stayed to check us out, it was much like descending. Which we found thoroughly appropriate.

The set was meaty and the sound was heavy. Plenty of sweat and spit, wild eyes and contortions. It was, indeed, a very good night.

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