Sunday, July 12, 2009

Well, That Went Well

I've never played the Rock Star Bar before. Interesting joint. Love the mermaids. Nautical-themed mythology makes me feel naughty, but in a made up way.


The gig went well. Our drummer, Paul, was on tour with another band so our rhythm guitarist, Joe, took to the kit. Our sound was more stripped down than usual, but in all honesty it's refreshing to occasionally pare the thing back to its bare bones. Like a writer dealing solely with a plot outline, it helps one refocus on what it is exactly that makes a song a "song."

It's nice knowing that we can take away the flair and flourishes and that the material itself is so rock solid that it doesn't mind at all.

Did I say "rock" solid? I'm sorry, I meant "Rawk!" solid.

Much better.

A thoroughly terrible shot of Deep In Vein from a frustratingly
unworkable, non-intuitively designed digital camera. We rocked,
even if the camera's too much of a fuddy-duddy to notice.

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