Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Das Kute

Here I was today, feeling like the world was operating just a unicorn's hair below absolute adorableness, like everything beyond my magical toadstool was a single kitten fart away from cuddly purr-fection.

Feeling a little lucky nonetheless, I set out to turn that clown upside down, and shake him till all the laughter and rainbows he'd been hoarding in his oversized pants came crashing to the ground. And lo, what did I find at my feet beneath his emptied, parti-colored trousers?

The exact bunneh photo I needed to meet my daily Quteness Quota!

Image kidnapped, tied to a radiator, and molested--to the
(probable) horror of Cute Overload--by lil' ol' me.

What luck! It's almost like I had a freshly sawed-off rabbit's foot in my bloody little hands. Or four!

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